How To Purchase Photos

I don't have a "Package Price" or "Offerings".  I work with each customer individually because some may want more of this photo and size, compared to this photo or size.  Read the About Me Page, Photography is not my full time job.

For a Session Shoot or Event Shoot, whatever pictures I take are transferred to a CD/DVD or Flash Drive (You must provide the flash drive or I will charge for that) and given to you. This gives you the ability to print whatever photos you like whenever you want.

If there is  particular photo you want printed, then simply send me an e-mail with the number of the photo from the web page using the Contact link in the menu bar.


Knowing that some of the you may want a collage photo, I do offer this in 13x19 which can be personalized. The way it will work is you will pick 7 photos from the and send the filenames to me via the instructions above. You get to choose the wording and the color in the left and right block as you see above. I will do my best to match the color. If you have a particular order you want the photos you will need to let me know, if not I will lay it out. The cost for each collage photo will be $13.00. I have posted  a couple of photos here so you have an idea of what they will look like.



Shawn Malone

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